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In our country, most of the candidates most of the times find it extremely difficult either to progress further in their academics or to secure a decent job after they complete their studies. This happens primarily due to the one / some of the many following reasons:

  1. No internet browsing at home
  2. Cant afford a P.C at home
  3. Not literate in handling computers
  4. Low confidence of English language – write and speak
  5. Ignorance about jobs availability ( in Government , Banks, etc.)
  6. Don’t know whom to approach to locate jobs.
  7. Ignorant on updates on Competitive exams of all services, guidance / updating previous year papers.
  8. Ignorance of quickly completing the on line job portals
  9. Don’t receive any updates through “WhatsApp” or any media.
  10. Ignorance about further studies through distance education.
  11. Miss out last dates for on line employment , educational opportunities etc.
  12. Ignorant of submission of all competitive examination applications for all services can be applied on line.
  13. Ignorant of collecting respective hall tickets through internet.
  14. Ignorant regarding written exams for seeking employment / educational opportunities.
  15. Many youngsters do not carry the requisite testimonials / documents like for eg : Pan card, voter id , conduct certificate , address proof , residence proof, passports, etc.
  16. Ignorant about new scholarship roll outs , old scholarship lapses / renewal, etc.

Go Getters Consultancy provides all the above services under one roof at our office and extend invaluable help by providing information and guidelines to every single candidate immaterial of his educational background.

M.R.Ramaswamy , the MD of M/s Go Getters Consultancy spends a one to one personal interaction with every single candidate on all the above mentioned deficiencies and facilitates on line completion through his team for every eligible candidates employment / educational opportunities quickly across the table. This builds the self – confidence of every individual and thus helps the candidates to go behind their dream and make it a reality either through further education or good employment. This is the “Real Difference” which we from M/s Go Getters Consultancy drive through every single candidate who walks into our office at Secunderabad.

About Us

30 years employment association with the leading No 1 FMCG company M/s Hindustan Unilever Limited. This has given me huge exposure in the areas of understanding every candidates competency, expectation, aspirations , limitations and borderless dream and ambition driven with outstanding passion.


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